12.11.2009 г.

The Embassadors "Copic Dub"

The Embassadors smashing album "Copic Dub" to be released this november on Nonplace Records! Their second album come up with 7 instrumental jazz-dub originals. Burnt Friedman mixes and co-produces these tracks. Hayden Chisholm´s tenor sax, hammond organ, and steel drums are supported by Jochen Rueckert(drums), Matt Penman (bass) just like on ROOT 70´s Heaps Dub (nonplace20). Helping listeners move away from linear thinking models is always one of the benefits of such difficult easy listening.

Matt Penman: Upright Bass
Jochen Rueckert: Drums
Hayden Chisholm: Saxophone, Clarinet (5),
Hammond Organ, Steeldrum (4/5/6)
Bruno Mueller: Electric Guitar (tracks 1/4/5/8)
Robert Nacken: Electric Guitar (tracks 1/3/8)
Burnt Friedman: Korg Ms20 Synth., Sampler,
Effects, Steeldrum (tracks 2/7)
Claudio Bohórquez: Cello (tracks 2/7)

Produced by Hayden Chisholm and Burnt Friedman
Composed by H.Chisholm except tracks 2/6/7 by Chisholm/Friedman
Mixed and arranged by B.Friedman except Polar Sexus by Rashad Becker


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